Carolina Skin Centre & Salon

Skin Care Specialties
Microdermabrasion with Oxygen InfusionThis facial provides vitamins and minerals to improve the look and feel of skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity, and also helps with acne. This treatment is safe enough to do every 10-12 days.
60 min..........$145
Glo Signature Facial And MicrodermabrasionThis facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque and extractions (if need it) Combined with microdermabrasion to help life the superficial dead skin layers.  Leaves skin feeling refreshed and glowing and allows the moisturizer to penetrate and work better.
90 min..........$140

Chemical ExfoliationChemical Exfoliation is great for fine lines, stimulationg collagen and elastin production, lightening brown spots (hyperpigmentation), great for black heads white heads, and acne. These peels are considered no down time with minimal flaking a few days later. Results become more noticeable and longer lasting as the intensity and depth of the peel is increased. Intense deep chemical peels can be recommended for more serious sun damage. A series of 6 treatments is recommended to get best results.
30% 30 min...........$61, $295
60% 30 min...........$61, $295